The best mix of Hospitals, Specialties, Grades and Rates

CCS, LPP, HTE, 24/7, Staffflow the list goes on on. We are approved and work across all major frameworks with hospitals across the UK, increasingly on a First Tier/ Preferred Supplier basis.

For trusts, this means an agency that has the correct approvals and standards combined with the size and savvy to deliver significant coverage and meaningful savings. We optimise savings through Tiered and Volume Based Pricing as well as the flexibility to work across the most cost efficient procurement framework.

For Locums, this means an agency that engages with hospitals across the country through every available contracting medium.  This ensures that wherever they are, our locums consistently get jobs at the best available rates whenever they are available.

Our services span all specialties and grades with a special emphasis on

  • Emergency Medicine
  • General Medicine
  • Pediatrics, PICU and Transport
  • Surgery and T&O
  • OB Gyn

Enabling Hospitals deliver world class care

We are a national agency that is approved under all major Pan-NHS framework agreements. We work with hospitals across the country enabling them to effectively and economically meet their clinical staffing needs on a planned as well as contingency basis.

Spanning all grades and specialties, our service allows hospitals to take a truly one stop approach to ensuring reliable cover on demand. We not only saves clients hundreds of hours in coordinating with multiple locum agencies, but also maximize their ability to generate significant savings through volume discounts and tier arrangements.

If you are a hospital or trust that would like to find out more about how you can make significant savings to your Temp budget or are a Service Manager looking to get cover for your service, get in touch. We know we'll make you smile.

Putting You first

Your professional time is precious, so is the free time that you give up to do locums. We understand that and know what a privilege it is to be entrusted to find you work. Everything we do is very clearly focused on making sure that you get as much work as possible at the best rates possible. and to this end we deliver;

We are  one of only 32 Pan-NHS framework agencies (CCS, HTE & LPP) and are Preferred / Tiered Suppliers to a number of trusts across the country. We have unriavelled access to hospitals and jobs wherever you want tyo locum.

Click here to drop us a line or email us a copy of your CV and discover a much much better way to locum.