Enabling Providers take better care of their patients since 2002.

GPs, Medics across grade & speciality and Practice Nurses

We are a professional services company that supports Great Healthcare Providers and GPs, Medics of all grades and specialities and Practice Nurses across the UK (and globally) access and engage with each other in a Locum or Permanent Capacity.

Our story is simple, in 2002 a GP, a Consultant Pediatrician, a Practice Manager and a Service Manager set out to create a staffing company that provided fantastic service. We weren't quite sure where the journey would take us but we wanted to be really really good at what we did and for everyone who dealt with us to be better for having us in their lives.

Fastforward 12 years and we are a large corporate who are still as idealistic as we were back then. We continue to have significant Clinical ownership and Leadership and most importantly, we still make people smile for having dealt with us.

So if you need a locum or are looking to locum (and don't really mind smiling), call us on 02074987999, email us at solutions@drlocums.com or click on a link below.


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We are a corporate who still services people


Everyday, our team comes in with the very simple goal of making people smile. Of adding value. Of making things better. At heart we will always be the non corporate that understands that people are the heart of our business. The difference today however is that we are a little bit (ok, a lot) bigger, more diversified and have expanded beyond the borders of the UK with operations in two countries. At a Glance;

  • We are the largest source of Locum GPs across the UK
  • We are one of the largest suppliers of PICU staff in the UK
  • We are one of the fastest growing suppliers of Practice Nurses in London
  • Our locum jobs span the whole of the UK covering all specialties and grades from House officer to Consultant
  • Beyond the UK, recruit to positions across the Americas and the Middle East

Our size lets us leverage the best advantages of a large corporate which we deliver one shift, one person, one smile at a time.



A prime provider for choice jobs


Locum doctors trust us because our pedigree is unrivaled and we offer sound options for a truly portfolio career. We can do this consistently because;

  • We are one of only 32 Crown Commercial Service Suppliers for Medical Locums
  • We are approved suppliers to both the London Procurement Partnership and Health Trust Europe
  • We are approved suppliers to most major Private providers and IHTCs
  • Internationally, we supply both Governments and the most prestigious Providers and Hospitals to the geographies that we cover.

And its not just our contract  approvals that count. We are members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, an organisation that is committed to ensuring that its members adhere to the best recruitment practice.